What We Do


You throw money away with every dollar that you hand to the electric company. Let us show you how solar gives you the freedom to get away from the NEVER-ENDING monthly electric bills.


You work hard to ensure that your business runs efficiently, and you ask yourself everyday, “Is this the RIGHT decision for my business?”So why invest in the electric company?

Large Scale

As our population grows and electrical grids age, we will need more ‘out of the box’ options to offset the need for electricity. From small community solar projects to large scale solar farms, Array of Solar will be your advocate.

Repair or Removal

Sometimes you need help with an existing solar system. Whether the system isn’t performing correctly or your roof needs replacing, and you need the system temporarily removed. Array of Solar will be someone you can trust to care for your investment.

Energy Efficiency

Are you in an older or home or have noticed that your electricity bill just seems to be climbing and you aren’t sure why?Let us give you a free evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency and potential for energy loss. We can give you pointers on how to fix this annoying problem!