It’s Time for a Second Look

Hi. This is Martha with Array of Solar. I know you might have looked at solar power before, but this is the best time to reconsider the benefits that this option can provide. It’s a great time to take a second look.

Accurate and Customized

Array of Solar spends time on each system design in order to make sure that we cover the needs of the customer. All systems are based on the electricity usage details that you share.  We will show you what size system you need, how much power it will make, and how we know that this data is accurate.  Then that power output is guaranteed.

Tax Credit

The tax credit is scheduled to go away. This is your last chance to get a tax credit to help pay for your system this year.  Most systems qualify for several thousands of dollars.  It’s easy to claim this credit, and it makes the price of your system the lowest it has ever been.   It is not someone else’s money you’re taking, it’s just more of your own tax money that you get to keep.


Let’s face it, it’s been a tough year.  Everyone is trying to stay safe and healthy and balance that with keeping the bills paid.  Paying the electric company each month is throwing money away no matter how small your monthly payment is.  Solar turns that money into a growing asset.  For the same reason you didn’t rent your house, you bought it, each payment builds equity in an asset you own and increases your net worth.

Right now you are renting your power. You are lining someone else’s pocket with profits. Not to mention, you are at their mercy as to how much they choose to raise the cost.  This cost is going up; we’ve all seen it. They want you to think “Maybe I used more power…”, instead of acknowledging how much the price has gone up.  Coal is getting more and more expensive, and the cost of obtaining it is raising electric prices for everyone, no matter what electric retailer you use. Take control.  This price will NEVER go up and it’s less.  Trim that budget and know that it won’t change on you just because of politics or the aging power plants that are too expensive to fix.

A Company That Cares

Array of Solar approaches every project as if you are one of the family.  We are in it for the long haul.  If your house is not a good fit, we are going to tell you that. We are checking on you and your system for years to come.  We have been doing this in your area for almost a decade, and we are looking forward to the decades ahead. We bring an immense amount of combined experience with us, which is why we are so happy to chat with you about the options. We are here to educate families so that you know that you don’t have to just keep doing what your parents always did; throwing money away.

Call or Email Now!

There’s a reason so many of your neighbors are going solar.  It’s cheaper, more reliable, and saves you thousands. Even if you’ve entertained the idea before, and it just didn’t seem like a good time to make a change back then, now is defiantly the time to act.   Just let us answer your questions. What have you got to lose?


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