Humanities Amazing Ability To Adapt: Times In History When We Resisted Inevitable Progress

Remember when the Ford Model A was introduced; the first car for the masses.  Of course you don’t. Neither do I, but we’ve all read about it.  The first Model A was built in 1893.  The first affordable car was released for public purchase in 1916.  When cars appeared in the late 19th century they provoked strong, even violent, reactions.  They spewed pollution, spooked horses, and seemed to need constant repair.  It took us a while to embrace this technology, but cars were fundamentally better then horses.  They could carry more cargo and travel progressively faster without being as bothered by changing weather conditions or fatigue. I dare you today to try and get someone to give up their car for a horse; it took a minute, but the transition was inevitable.

There was a time that no one wanted a TV, they already had a radio and TVs were too expensive.  Plus, the quality was terrible so it really was like watching a radio show. Cell phones were a luxury that no one needed either. They were huge “bricks” and were marketed as something to use from your car.  Why would we need a phone in our car? Do I really need to talk to someone that badly? How could something so useless become mainstream? Coffee was resisted at first.  People loved their beer, tea and wine, and they had no need for another beverage.  Now coffee is everywhere.  Why?  It fills a need that other beverages don’t; so now, not only is it popular, but it can handle being pricy too because people will pay for it.

Whether you know it yet or not, solar is the next big thing, and it’s necessary for three reasons.

  1. Coal is a health hazard and is getting harder to find. It’s also becoming increasingly expensive to the point that our economy will need to make some major shifts over the next 20 years in order to support it. According to Tim Treagold of Forbes magazine:  “Coal will rise to $65/t in 2021, $68/t  in 2022 and $70/t in 2023 and higher grades of coal will rise to $145/t next year.  All that is way up for $50/t back in January 2020.
  2. The emissions from coal fired power plants are affecting our weather.
  3. Solar is the least expensive option of all the so called green energy’s.  The switch will happen.  Its already started.  Companies that run the coal power plants have already started building solar farms to supplement production.  To quote Star Trek – Resistance is Futile.

Will solar be the only power source? I don’t think so.  It would be great to get it to even 30% across the nation.  Those investing in that 30% will have their power needs covered for the next 50 to 60 years.  The other 70% is still talking on their land line, drinking a beer and has rabbit ears coming out the top of their TV!   Were not at 30% yet we are at 2%. The real question is who do you want to be, the future or the past, we will all end up there eventually and energy is not like these other commodities, the longer you wait the price goes up not down.


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